Best referencing style to have footnotes rather than in-text citations in Word

Hi there, 

Relatively new to using Endnote, so forgive me if this question’s been asked many times before. 

I am about to start writing my uni thesis and I want to get a few questions I have about using endnote sorted before getting too far into the process.

I want to use numbered footnotes rather than in-text citations in my paper. I have been playing around with different output referencing styles in Word, while using cite-while-you-write - but clicking on Oxford and Vancouver referencing styles doesn’t seem to make footnotes appear, rather a citation number is added in text, and then the corresponding citation is added at the end to the final bibliography.

Would someone be able to recommend me the best output style to give me footnotes, rather than in-text citattions?

Thanks very much!

You need to use the word processing software to first insert the footnote, and then insert your citation into the footnote.  

see this youtube video. 

Thanks for this. Easy!

I’m now fiddling round with getting exact formatting I want in my footnotes. And I have a punctuation question now…

I can see how to edit a citation and add page numbers into the prefix field to reference a specific page number. However, I don’t want the default fullstop at the end of the footnote to appear before my commar and page number. 

Eg. I don’t want it to look like this, 2003., p. 23.

But rather like this, 2003, p. 23.

I’ve tried to edit the referencing style in Endnote, but wasn’t sure how to do it.

Can you help? 

Thanks again.

I don’t usually use footnote styles, but I am aware that the “footnote” users often complain on the forum about misplaced punctuation and the need to “get around” it.  I am not sure they are ever satisfied with the solutions however. Here is one thread where a user seemed to find a work around. 

Here is a thread in the Suggestions part of the forum.  

Hmmm. Yeah I can see there’s not a simple solution for this one. Thanks though.