How do I get numbers instead of names?



I have been working on a paper and have been using Endnote without any problems in Word 2007 until now.

Since yesterday, I haven’t been able to change my references anymore for some reason. When I add a reference now, instead of a number I get something like: {Hadano, 2001 #40} Which won’t turn into a number. And it won’t add to my reference list at the bottom of the page either.


I can’t delete any references anymore either, because it doesn’t seem to recognise my numbers in my document as references.


Anyone got any idea what I can do about this?


Thank you.

You probably unformated references and after that you need to manually re-engage the CWYW function.  Hit the Format Bibliography button and then go the the third tab and “enable” or “turn on”, depending on your endnote version.