EndNote replace my acronyms with a weird reference


I have several acronyms in my document in Word, for example:

…the plate theory of Kirchhoff-Love ( KL ) and Reissner-Mindlin ( RM ).

Also, I have some kind of sorting in a paragraph like this:

…( i ) first the thin plate, and ( ii ) the thick plate.

When I update citations and bibliography from the EndNoteX9 panel in Word, inside the above parenthesis EndNote change the content and insert some incomplete random reference only with the author’s name, for example:

…the plate theory of Kirchhoff-Love ( Gervais et al. ) and Reissner-Mindlin ( H. A. Stone et al. ).

…( i ) first the thin plate, and ( Shin et al. ) the thick plate.

The references inserted in the parenthesis are in my library, but they are not in connection with the acronyms.

Any help, suggestions, please. I need to submit my document really soon.

Software versions:

EndNote X9.2

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

It sounds like you have replaced your temporary citation delimiters with parentheses instead of the standard curly brackets in either your preferences or in your bibliography settings in word.  You should change them back so the (ii) isn’t matched to a random reference.  

Dear Leanne,

Thanks for your answer and time. Problem solved!!!