Endnote 'Save As' Function Not working for TXT conversion

Hi there,

Trying to export my Library to my Web account and need to convert my Endnote Libraray to a text TXT file for export. I have selected ‘Endnote Export’ from the ‘Styles’ menu using the ‘Edit’ function.

I then try to ‘Save As’ as text file, using the File menu, as per instructions.

Problem is, the ‘Save As’ option is not highlighted. I only get the ‘Save a Copy’ function, which will only allow me to save it to another Endnote Library format .enl.

What am I not doing right here? Can someone advise?

Cheers, M

Not sure what instructions you are currently trying to follow.  Since EndNote X6, there is an option to Sync your EndNote desktop library with EndNote online rather than the transfer feature available with prior versions.

If you still want to export a text file, you would do that from the File>export> and choose an output style like RIS or RefMan.