Unformatted citations?

I’m working with an EndNote user who’s citations are suddenly looking like this: (Bulto, 2014 #25)

I thought these might be unformatted citations because of the reference number and because her reference list is also gone, though these show regular parentheses and not curly brackets,.  But when she turned Instant Formatting on, the problem did not resolve.  Any ideas?


has she changed the temp citations to round rather than curley brackets at some point?  or vice versa?  

I’ll definitely ask her about that.  That would explain why they’re parentheses instead of curly brackets…

Would that have an impact on whether or not the citations remain unformatted even when she turns Instant Formatting back on?


it might if they were created with one setting, but were being formated with another?  

It worked!   I had her go into Preferences, change the delimiters back to curly brackets (she’s not sure how they changed to parentheses), then update her citations in her document, and she reported complete success.  Thanks!

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My problem is different. I need convert to unformatted references because my teacher prefers to do his corrections. However, when I convert to unformatted citations show {author, date title}, but I need show { author, date # number}. When I used endnote desktop I get… Someone help me!!! My teacher is very angry!!

I have the same problem. unformatted citations appear as {author, date, title} and I want {author, date, #number}. can somebody help?