two in-text citations when combined, one is proper and other remains with curly brackets even after updating bibliography and CWYR turned on

Hello to all  dear members.

I am working on a book chapter for SPRINGER and research papers and using endnote from about 3 years. I have searched on the web but did not found its solution. This was doing good at earlier times but then it started to show curly brackets when ‘two in-text citations  combined, one is properly formatted and other remains with curly brackets even after updating bibliography and CWYR turned on’ …and also same case of curly brackets… when a previously endnote refrance formatted file is being updated for bibliography even adding after a single new refrance or updating old.

Thus my thesis has been ruined and my 3 research papers too. I am needing your kind assitance. a single example is here.

(Dent 2000{Feder, 2006 #511)}.

Thanking in anticipation.

What happens when you convert to unformatted citations (NOT PLAIN TEXT) from endnote ribbon/toolbar?  What do they look like.  

What happens if you use a different style?  

when i change a style to another, then endnote assigned the hyperlinks and show formats as pervious like (Dent 2000{Feder, 2006 #511)}

and when converted to unformatted?  

when converted to unformatted all refrances appears to be with hash and curley brackets for all. please have a look {Freeman, 2010 #512{Dent, 2000 #602;Dent, 2000 #602}.

Those characters?  Where do they come from?  They shouldn't be there.  Inspect your records for any random or if you edited the citation and added any stray characters in prefix, suffix or cited pages boxes.  Remove that extra internal { and any ` charachters which should fix it.  If it doesn’t fix it, then come back, as the error must be in how endnote enters the temporary citations or in the output style itself.  so, also attach the output style you are using. 

They should look like this {Freeman, 2010 #512; Dent, 2000 #602; Dent, 2000 #602}.  which should resolve to (Freeman et al, 2010; Dent, 2000) or something similar (duplicate should not show).  The ` tells endnote to treat the following as true text and not to be interpreted by endnote as a special character. 

you are right bro but they are appearing as first one is good in small brackets , and other is as curly brackets

Please attach your output style?  Is there an error in the citation template?