Endnote web is unavailable, please verify URL

I saw this problem surfacing here but I found no answer yet.

So when I click on Update Citations and Bibliography, Endnote suggests importing the references made in Word. So I click Yes and then I get the error message:

EndNote is unavailable.

Please verify that the EndNote URL is correct and then try again.

I’m using Word 2013 (64 bit) on Windows 7 (64 bit)

EndNote is most recent version (17.4)

Already tried with different URL’s like removing the “:80”

Inserted is an image of the set preferences

Also, when adding 1 by 1 (Insert Citations), EndNote doesn’t number them automatically (which I have to do for my report) AND I get the same error.
endnote preferences.JPG

Hello Maxime909,

I believe that the problem here is that your EndNote tools in Word are currently pointed to the EndNote online service.

In that same window for the screenshot you provided, the dropdown menu currently listing EndNote Online should also offer an option for just regular “EndNote”.

Choosing this option, and then clicking OK, will tell the tools you’d like to use the EndNote Desktop program, and not the EndNote online service.

That should resolve this error message.