Reference style - list first three Authors et al

The journal I’m submitting my paper requires this reference style:

(1) author(s) (list the first three authors, followed by et al. if applicable), (2) title, (3) journal name (as abbreviated in MEDLINE), (4) year, (5) volume number, and (6) inclusive page numbers, in that order.

Which is the corresponding reference style in EndNote? 


what journal and what publishing house.  There are other criteria that are needed to know, to answer this. Is it numbered or author, year in citations for example, but there are many more.  

I know as a new participant, it is hard to post a URL (to prevent spammers), so anything that helps find the instructions can help us point you in the right direction.  

Oh, and the abbreviation part needs a “Journal terms list” - see

The journal is Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. The editor is Mary Ann Liebert, Inc

In the Instruction for Authors they only state “List references in consecutive numerical order (not alphabetically)” so I think I have to use numbers in the text (not author, year) and list at the end of the manuscript with consecutive number.

I use the online version of EndNote.

You are very restricted in your style options with the online version, and I don’t know whether you have an institutional administrator who can add style or what styles you have available.  I also don’t think that the journal terms list can be applied using the online tools. 

Desktop endnote has that style and says it is based on the AMA Manual of Style 10th Edition (Endnote may call it  JAMA).  Is that style available to you?  Unfortunately it appears that the style lists 3 authors et al when there are 7 or more and not 3 or more, but in my experience a journal can make this adjustment in house - or you could find a friend with a desktop version of endnote and download and edit the style for the final version you want to submit.  Even the desktop version of Diabetes Tech Therap has this setting incorrect.  I fixed it in the copy attached (in a zip file), if you have a friend with the desktop version.  
Diabetes Tech (3.6 KB)