EndNote Web not appearing under Tools menu

I just installed EndNote X5 on my personal computer (Mac) and activated my EndNote Web account.  I moved some citations onto EndNote Web from my work computer and now am trying to import them onto my personal computer.  However, I do not have the option under the Tools menu for EndNote Web.  I activated EndNote Web, but it still gives me the option to Activate under the EndNote Web menu in Preferences.

I’m really perplexed as to why this option does not come up, and why I cannot transfer any files to or from EndNote X5 on my personal computer.

Hello, johnny_gringo:

Let’s make sure your EndNote X5 is set up to use EndNote Web on this computer.

  1. Please go to the EndNote X5 menu next to the Apple and select Preferences.

  2. Click on EndNote Web.

  3. Enter the username and password you used to sign up for EndNote Web and then click Save.

  4. Close the Preferences window.

Back at the main EndNote library, look on the left hand panel for the EndNote Web group. It should appear below All References, Unfiled, and any custom groups you’ve made. If you do not see the panel I’m referring to, go to the Groups menu and click on Show Groups.

Click on the Transfer option to verify that the username and password you entered are correct.

I hope this helps!

That does not work at all… EndNote Web is listed under groups, but if I click “transfer…” it doesn’t do anything. It just highlights All References.

I just deleted and reinstalled the program, and now it magically works.  I have no idea how that happened or what was going on, but I guess it works now.

Thanks for your time.

I’m glad it was resolved! There must have been some installation issue. Let us know if you have any further trouble.