Endnote Web not using et al. correctly

Endnote Web isn’t formatting my reference correctly for the journal Oikos. Please see below. It is listing all seven authors in the parenthetical reference when it should just list Woodcock et al. 2007.

It works when formatted for another journal (Ecology) so I think the Oikos formatting rules are not working properly.

Is there anything I can do? Thanks!

(Woodcock, van der Gast, Bell, Lunn, Curtis, Head and Sloan 2007)

Woodcock, S., van der Gast, C. J., Bell, T., Lunn, M., Curtis, T. P., Head, I. M. and Sloan, W. T. 2007. Neutral assembly of bacterial communities. - Fems Microbiology Ecology 62: 171-180.


What you do depends on how you have access to EndNote Web. An EndNote Web 2 year access comes with EndNote Desktop. Also, some educational institutions have licenced it separately so they can offer it to their students.

If you have access to EndNote Web through an educational institution, then you can have the EndNote Administrator make changes to the Oikos Journal style.

If you have purchased EndNote Desktop and have EndNote Web access from your purchase, then you will have to use EndNote desktop instead of EndNote Web to style your document.

If you have further questions, please let me know.

Miguel Mendoza

Technical Support

I am having the same issue with endnote and the Oikos style. All the wuthors names are in the in-text citations. I am using X5 and windows7. Also, the journal requires the bibliography to use abriviated journal names but that is not happening either. I have Endnote on my desktop, not using endnote web.

How can I get this style working?



since this is titled “endnote Web”  I suggest you begin a new thread.