Endnote Web user statistics?

I’m wondering if there’s an easy or quick way to find out how many Endnote Web accounts have been created by my university’s patrons. I was able to get some basic numbers over a year ago but it was a long, drawn-out and apparently difficult procedure.

I’ve asked our regional representatives for more recent numbers and been advised that the request was forwarded to TR, but have heard nothing after a couple of months. Attempts to find out how well our soft launch is working are hampered by the fact that it seems impossible to get any useful numbers regarding uptake.

Melinda Goodin

Swinburne University of Technology


Contact your institution’s ISI license administrator and request that you be given administrative rights for Endnote usage reports.

  1. Create an ISI user login (your email address) and password for ISI Web of Knowledge. Once you have administrative privileges, you will see the Additional Resources tab when you login to your account.

2. Click Additional Resources tab. You will find Single Product Usage Reports under Administrative Tools.

Besides usage reports, you will now have the administrative right to uploading custom output styles, filters and connection files for your institution’s Endnote Web site installation. You develop these files in Endnote desktop, then upload them through your Endnote Web account accessed via your ISI Web of Knowledge login and password.

I will send you screen shots off-list to help you communicate your request with your campus administrator.


Thank you Emily, that was exactly what I needed.