Endnote will not recognize preexisting citations


I’m using Endnote x7 with OpenOffice 4, and I’ve been having some serious trouble with it.  I am using numbered citations, but it does not recognize the citations if I close the document and reopen it, leaving a bracked 1-24 peppered throughout what i’ve written, unlinked to my bibliography.  This means that i can write if I manually insert every citation every time I open the document, but this is extraordinarily tedious and frustrating.  If I go to format bibliography, it recognizes (some) of the bracketed numbers, but not all of them.  With just 24 citations, it is doable to just manually insert the citations every time, but this is, as i said, quite frustrating, and it can’t be the way it’s supposed to work.  

And, when i manually insert my citations, it will sometimes cite improperly.  For example, I might want something like this

and the blood thinned substantially.[1][2]

Instead, i’ll get something like 

and the blood thinned substantially[1] (Farhurst, #5)

and I have to erase the parenthesized portion two or three times, then it will cite like this


and the blood thinned substantially.[1]   [2] [/code]

Just a list of complicated problems, and I think it’s because openoffice just updated and there is no proper compatibility yet.  But if anyone has any ideas, I would much appreciate your input

EndNote X7 was not designed for Apache OpenOffice 4. It was only designed to work with version 3.x. Please see our compatibility information here:


You can still get the Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 Writer here:


Any plans for OpenOffice 4 or LibreOffice?