Endnote X 7.5 and X 7.4 constantly crashes

I have endnote in my laptop computer (X6, work computer) and in my personal computer (endnote X 7.4). In both computers I have exactly the same library which I synchronize everyday. While the laptop works fine the endnote in my PC stop working. The PC has windows 10, office 2016. The problem started today morning. As soon as I open endnote it crashes with the following message "Endnote X7.4 (Bld 8818) has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correcly…).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled endnote. I have run repair of office and reinstalled endnote. Nothing seems to work. Can anyone suggest a possible solution?

I thank you all for any possible advise!

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Why don’t you update the laptop from X7.4 to X7.5?  

I should have said that I did update to X7.5 and the problem started there. Then I uninstalled and installed X7.4 (several times)

I recommend calling tech support then.  – or do you use AVG virus detection program?  If so see this: https://support.avg.com/answers?id=906b0000000XaUIAA0