When I start Endnote X7, It crashes and I get Endnote X7.5 (bld 9325) has stopped working.

My specs:

OS: WIndors 10 April 2016 update

Endnote X7.5 

Message: Endnote X7.5 (bld 9325) has stopped working.

Everytime I start up endnote it crashes. Has anyone else noticed this? It’s made it unusuable.

Help appreciated

Are you by any chance using AVG AntiVirus? EndNote started crashing for me after the last AVG update, and disabling it seems to be a temporary workaround.

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Why yes I am, thanks that’s brilliant. At least I can get this paper out by deadline. 

I hope someone at Endnote can tell me which setting in AVG to disable so that I can continue to use it for anti viral software

Luckily antivirus software is easier to replace than a reference manager. Probably a good idea to switch to another AV, at least until they’ve sorted out the incompability.

I had the same problem, same specs, same solution. AVG disabled, and the machine works. Good Karma. Thanks for the help

I added the endnote program folder as an exception on AVG and it has fixed the issue. 

From AVG main screen:

options → advanced settings–> exceptions–> add exception–> add folder (drop down) —> browse–> select whole endnote program file. 

Thanks for the tip on AVG!

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Same problem. Same solution.

Thank you all, and to JPGiliberto for the simple solution.

We have been seeing this issue reported as well. Please see this post from AVG for their recommendation:



I wasted 6 hours this morning trying to fix this. Installed old versions of endnote.  Updated.

AVG - who would have thunk it.