ENX7 adding unwanted page numbers

Hi All,

I’m using ENX7, and for some reason, when I add the page numbers of the books I’m quoting through “edit citation”, EN adds page numbers I did not write.

What I want:

Broos 1987, p.185-189, no. 32.

Segal 1991, p.128-131, no. 3.

What EN does instead: 

Broos 1987, p. 185-189, no. 132 [number 1 shouldn’t be there! EN adds it by itself!]

Segal 1991, p.128-131, no. 123. [numbers 1 and 2 shouldn’t be there either!]

Why is this happening?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



The latest version of Endnote X7 is X7.7.1 – did you update your software to the current version? And are you using the current version of your output style file?


It’s all super updated. :cry:

What is the output style you’re using and how are you editing the citation? Are you putting the page numbers in the Suffix field? Is this problem occurring for all books or only certain references? Are you citing the book references within a table or a text box?


I am using my own output style (attached).

I am putting the page numbers where they should be, the only difference is I’m specifying the footnote number after the page number.

The problem is occurring only with these references (so far at least!), but this is also the only instance in which I had to specify the footnote number.

I am citing the books in regular footnotes.

Thanks for your help!
My Fine Arts Style.ens (25.7 KB)

Use the suffix field and include text and punctuation rather than the cited pages field, which expects only numbers.