EndNote X1 and Word 2011 (for Mac)

Is there way to add CWYW for X1 and Word 2011 for Mac? I know they’ve released an update (beta version) for X4 but what about X1 and others?? Are we suppose to spend more money to upgrade to X4?? If that’s the case what about the future versions of Words? How future-proof is this EndNote?

Just a user and I have said this before elsewhere.  Why do you expect software that is 3 or more years old, to work with a new version of Word, that by MicroSoft’s design, no longer works with the add-in?  If you spend the money for the new MicroSoft version, why would you expect a company to spend their time and resources fixing an older version of their software for free? 

Obviously it wasn’t a quick fix, as the current patch for Word2011 is still in beta…