Endnote X4 to X2 downgrade


I used the CWYW function (in Microsoft Word) of the Endnote X4 version. Worked perfect!

Next, I uninstalled X4 and used my previous X2 version. Now I’m not able to use the CWYW

function anymore and I encounter the error which says there is no X4.0.2 version found.

Is there a method to use the X2 CWYW function in Microsoft Word 2011?

(Using: Endnote X2, Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Microsoft Office Word 2011)

Thanks a lot!

You will need to use EndNote X4 with Word 2011 as, per Thomson Reuters, EndNote X2 is not compatible with Word 2011: http://www.endnote.com/support/en_wpchart_mac.asp