EndNote X1- Word 2003 ERROR: Impossibile to open the library library is already in use

Hi to everyone,

since 3 or 4 days when Im opening Word 2003 it prompt me the following error (my word is in italian so i translated the error message):

Endonte X1 Impossibile to open the specified library of Word, the library is already in use.

I don’t know if while unistalling/installing some other programs I removed also some Endonte components from word or viceversa…

Please can anyone could help me? Thanks in advance!!


Message Edited by pacchiosa on 10-30-2008 05:01 AM

Hi there, 

There’s a solution on the Endnote website for this problem:


Hope this sorts it out for you!


Thanks a lot Cathy!!!

It solved my  problem!!!

ciao ciao :smileyvery-happy: