Problem with EndNote X1.0.1 and Word 2003


We are using windows XP pro and Office 2003.  On one computer, i have un problem with EndNote. Even if i have giving the wright to installed software to the user before, after installing EndNote, when i go to Word 2003 an error message appear and the tool bar of EndNote does not.  If i log my self (admin) the tool bar appear with no error message.  I gave the total control to Everyone to the folders c:\program files\EndNote X1 and c:\program files\Microsoft Office but it doesn’t do much.

The error message is in french but i will try to translate it:

(La bibliothèque Word spécifié est en cours d’utilisation: impossible de la décharger.)

The word library is in use: impossible to unload…

Thanks in advance

These steps only apply to EndNote X1 and Word 2003.

  1. Click the “Help menu” and select “About Microsoft Office Word.”

  2. Click “Disabled Items.”

  3. Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click “Enable.”

  4. Click Close and OK. 

If the problem continues:

  1. Close Word and EndNote if they are running

  2. Go to “Start > All Programs > EndNote > Configure EndNote” and click “Next”

  3. Remove the Check next to “Unified Cite while You Write” and click “Next”

  4. Open the Control Panel and go to Add or Remove Programs

  5. Click on EndNote X1 and click “Change/Modify”

  6. Select “Repair” and click “Next”

  7. Go to “Start > All Programs > EndNote > Configure EndNote” and click “Next”

  8. Check “Unified Cite while You Write” and click “Next”
    *If this option is grayed out, follow these steps:

  9. Start EndNote and then start Word

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