Problem: Slow EN X2.0.2 Startup and slow first citing into Word2007


I use EN-X2.0.2 and Word 2007. When I startup the EN-program, it takes relatively along time before it is ready to use, about 2-3 minutes. Then when I cite a reference into my word document for the first time, everything in Word freezes for about the same time, after that, citing carries on quickly. These problems were not there with the fomer X1 version.

Any idea how to speedup the startup of EN and the first citing into Word? Can anyone help?

Many thanks and regards.

Have you tried the suggestions in this thread (just posted)  and this older thread.  Be absolutely sure that you are not trying to point your folders to the Program Folder versions. 

Keep the styles down to <100 and it may be much faster.