Endnote X3 and Office 2007

Ever since upgrading to Office 2007 and Endnote X3, I have experienced continual problems. Word frequently crashes on startup, claiming that the problem lies with the Endnote CWYW dll. Today, after having to close and restart following an uninvited update from one of my programs, the endnote tab disapeared from the Word ribbon. I had a three quarters finished article with 56 footnotes full of Endnote citations which were now dead. The manual says control panel/add-remove programs and change will do it, but it didn’t. Nor did a repair reinstallation or a complete uninstall and reinstallation. The culprit was eventually found in the Word Options Add-ins, where Word had disactivated CWYW, along with some of my word programs, because of the crashes caused by the CWYW dll. I have reactivated it but expect further problems in the future.

Any suggestions? UNless this is sorted I’m telling everyone in my UNiversity to hold off Endnote X3.


You might try this solved thread

If you have tried all the FAQs and solutions from here (try the 2007 x3 word endnote search string),  which is sounds like you might have, I respectfully suggest that you contact tech support (using the phone number contact).