Endnote X4 and Vista 32 (problems attaching files)


I am in the trial period of Endnote X4 under Vista 32 bits. When I try to attach  a file and browse my computer Endnote automatically quits. I have the same problem when browsing a file to import references.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am running X4 (regular, not the trial version) with Vista (32 bit) and have not encountered any problems with attaching files so far.

Just a few questions: Are you at the end of the trial period? Did you install the trial software before removing an earlier installation of EndNote? Can you describe how you’re attaching the file?


I am at he mdiddle of the trial period. Endone was never inatalled in this computer. I use RefWorks. EndNote X4 crashes any time I try either to acces the internet or acces my computer to attach a file or go to Endnote user forums. I do not have any other problem with the computer.

Hopefully you can contact tech support, because I suspect none of us users in the  forum are having this problem, nor are many, if any, working with a trial and able to troubleshoot this kind of problem. Tech support will probably ask for a crash log or some other detail about what is happing during the crash.

OK. Thanks