problem with X3 installation: Word Templates/Add-ins


I am trying to install EN-X3 on a windows XP-SP3 computer and the installer experiences a fatal error at the step of “finallizing the installation”, and “rolls back” the installation.

By utilizing the custom-install, I determined that I can install “EndNote Application”, and the error starts when I try to add the word-templates/add-ins by rerunning the installer and “modifying” the current installation.

I don’t need the bulk of the features (e.g. Palm OS, Pocket PC, OpenOffice, spelling dictionaries)…but I am curious why this might crash, and if I am missing essential endnote features by limiting this installation?

For further detail:

I have Office 2003 and Office 2007 installed on this computer. I had Office 2010 Beta installed, but deleted it and rebooted to confirm this was not the source of my complication.



yes, the installation is proglematic. I have an iMac and can’t even get by the basic installation of X3.  The product keys don’t work and and only the 30 day trial works.  The technical support is unfortunately very minimal too.

The problem became more apparent when i went to actually USE Endnote X3 on Friday. The “limited” workaround detailed above was useless for me…and had NO functionality in Word 2007. The issue resolved itself when I uninstalled Office 2003, and modified the installation of Endnote X3 to include the word add-in… at which point it installed properly

Apparently there is a backwards compatibility issue (i.e. no love for Office 2003)?

See above. My issue resolved with uninstallation of Office 2003… I don’t think Mac users are lucky in having multiple versions of the software platform to switch between (i.e. Office 2008 or nothing at all?)

Good Luck.

I was clearing the registry & left over  files (i.e. C:\Program Files\Endnote X3) both manually and with CrapCleaner between install attempts to make sure that it wouldn’t get hung up propogating a random-error. No such luck.

It appears (see above) that the error was a conflict with Office 2003…which is unfortunate.

Many of us use office 2003 with no problems, and many others use word 2007.  I don’t know if there is a problem having both installed at the same time and ensuring that the word toolbars are correctly installed.  Ensure both word and outlook are closed when installing Endnote.  Make sure Endnote is installed after word.  cleaning out the registry is a good thing to do, to ensure that any wierd stuff is gone before reinstalling.