Endnote X7 and MS Word 2011 problems


I’ve just upgraded to X7 and am no longer able to use Endnote with Word 2011. Everytime I open or close a document in Word, I get the error message “Word could not fire event”.

Once I do got a document open, if I try to insert a citation either through the Word plugin or directly in Endnote, I get the error message “This command is not available because a document window is not active” in Endnote.

I now can’t use Endnote, and using Word for any document is incredibly frustrating due to the ‘could not fire’ error messages.

Help, please…


I think this is usually due to the add-in not being in the correct folder or the progam not know which folder they are in.  Often you just need to say where the File is located in word preferences.  

More details are in the KB article http://endnote.com/kb/81003 where I searched for the phrase “document window is not active”.  

  1. Open Word
  2. Go to preferences
  3. Choose '‘File Location’
  4. In File Location - click on “Startup” and double click it.
  5. The 'Choose folder window will open - on the left side pane click on ‘Application’ and then in the right side pane click on ‘Endnote’ - this will open all the folders within the ‘Endnote’ including ‘Cite while you write folder’, click on this later folder and its content will be added to word.
  6. Click on “Modify” and press ‘OK’ to close the preferences
  7. Now click on “Tool” on the Word menu and choose “Templates and Add-Ins…” and click on all the add-ins starting with Endnote.
  8. For the Integration to work, you need to have the word and endnote library open together, thereafter you can switch between the two as you would on a windows computer.

Thanks, that didn’t help but the article is pointing me in further directions. I’ll do a bit more tinkering and see if I can fix it.

It seems that an I’d managed to previously uninstall the visual basic tools, after reinstalling this everything seems to be working smoothly. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!