"Windows can not find error..." Endnote X1 + patch, Word 2007, Vista SP1

Hi there,

after installing endnote x1 on my computer when I want to open a .doc or .docx file I get  “Windows can not find error…” . I remove the add in from the Word, problem doesn’t occur but I can not see the endnote on the toolbar then. How can solve this issue, thanks? 

Me too. I have the same problem. And I have not soluted it. My OS is Vista with SP1 32bit version. Office 2007 was installed, and updated to SP1 later. After I installed Endnote X2, when I open a Word document as double click at the first time after I start up the OS, this error message shows “Windows cannot find file, please …” . The Word will start up with a empty window, the document will not be opened. But when I open it 2nd time, it works well. I tried to repair the office using the Office Diagnostics, but days later, the problem will come back. Anyone help me to resolve it. THanks! Also hope the Microsoft and Thomson can work it out.

So the thomson group, are you aware of this problem? Is there anyway to fix it? or should we need to wait for the EndnoteX13? 

i was having this same problem. 

i did this:

(1) go to winword.exe file

(2) right click, and select “run as adminstrator”

(3) click on the office icon, and select “word options”

(4) select “Add-Ins”

(5) if you remove/unselect COM Add-In “Cite While You Write”

(6) this fixed the problem for me, however, now I of course, don’t have access to that COM Add-In, and the End Note ribbon.

Correspondence with technical support informed me that they are working on this problem with Microsoft, and that this only happens it seems for a very small number of users.  I have tried removing/isolating different Add-ins and also deleting Microsoft Word Data, Option, Add-in registry data and then re-registering Word  (start > winword /r) to reset the registry values to no success.   Only removing the Endnote COM Add-in “Cite While You Write” works. 

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 I also share this problem but cannot run winword.exe without it going into Word and freezing up.  How else can I get to winword.exe file?  This computer is new and I’m finding a lot of problems using Vista.  I can’t even open up the document I need to work on.

I’m really sorry to hear all the troubles around Vista and Word 2007 (and Mac!) with Endnote, but all I can say is to keep posting these comments until these software makers work together to fix bugs. I have 7 PCs at office and lab total, but all but one are Win XP SP3, Word 2003. The one with Vista has Word 2007, but no Endnote work can be reliable done, so it is an absolutely “web/Youtube surfer” machine. What an expensive toy…:cry: 

I’m noticed a similar problem with Endnote X2 (site license) + latest patch that I downloaded on Word 2007 w/Vista SP1.  Won’t open file once, then will open files after 2nd attempt.  Interestingly, that goes for any given INDIVIDUAL file (1st attempt fails, 2nd and then on works fine).  I’m disappointed that patches are CAUSING rather than FIXING problems!