endnote X5, scrivener, and Word 2011 on a Mac

I’m using Endnote X5 with Word 2011 on Mac osx 10.7 (Lion) and I’m having a bear of a time getting my citations to format properly.

I think the complication may be that I started my writing process in Scrivener, which more-or-less plays nice with Endnote. Scrivener generates an .rtf with in-text citations listed in their raw format. For example: {Smith 1995 #210@54} --which I can then format in Endnote using the “format paper…” function.

The problem is that every time I format the citations, it, at best, drops the page number, and at worst, drops the entire parenthetical in-text citation. So, for example, before formatting, my text will look like this:

“This is a quote” {Smith 1995#210@54}.

After formatting, it will look either like this:

“This is a quote” (Smith 1995). 


“This is a quote” .

The first is missing the page number and the second is obviously missing the whole parenthetical.

I’ve tried formatting the citations in Word using the “update citations and bibliography” command. I’ve also tried running it through the Endnote software’s “format paper…” command. Nothing seems to work.

I’ve gone so far as to re-save the document as a .docx and then to manually re-enter every citation in Word 2011. Once I used CWYW; the second time I disabled CWYW and tried to have the whole thing format at the end. Still no dice.

When I go to “edit and manage citations” in the Endnote toolbar in Word, it doesn’t even recognize most of my citations that are in the document.

I’m pulling my hair out here… help!