Word for Mac 2011 and X5 won't format citations


I’ve been using EndNote since v. 2.0 on the Mac. Now I’m totall stuck. I have written a manuscript that just will not format the in-text citations and bibliography. I’ve tried reinstalling the CWYW add-in and EndNote completely. I even tried installing the abomination known as X6 and still it stalls for 10 minutes and then makes Word quit with an error.

Tried copying and pasting into a new Word document too.

Eventually had to copy to a friend’s PC and do it from there which worked.

I can’t work like this.

Any ideas?


What OS are you using? If it’s 10.8.x, you’ll want to make sure you have X6.0.2 update installed  (http://endnote.com/downloads/available-updates). It is the only version of EndNote compatible with that OS and the X6.0.2 update addresses a performance issue with the 10.8.2 update.

  • Tilla, the EndNote team

I deleted X6 and went back to X5. Neither of them work. I am using 10.8.2 with Word 10, build 14.2.5. MacBook Pro Retina.

This is rather a major bug in my book.

X5 doesn’t have the bug fix, you need to update X6. Did you try updating X6 to the most recent Mac version per Tilla’s messge below?

See also various threads, including the one here: 


And therein lies the problem with Endnote since it was bought from Niles. Clearly buggy software has been released and every 9 months one is supposed to upgrade to the new version as no bug fixes are provided.
These are shameful practices and the reason I cannot recommend Endnote to anyone.

If you have used the equation editor that might be the problem! Endnote x6 doens’t work if you have used the equation editor in your text!