Endnote X6 CWYW & MS Word 2013: Cannot turn off Instant formatting

After using Endnote X7 for quite a while, I had to go back to version X6 due to a shortage in X7 licenses at my new offfice.

However, this version does not seem to cooperate well with Word 2013. Specifically, it appears to be impossible to disable the instant formatting option. I unchecked the checkboxes in the “Instant formatting” tab in the “Format bibliography” window and the intant formatting for new documents in the preferences of CWYW - yet Endnote starts formatting the whole document after every little change I make.

I would appreciate any help with this, because I am trying to clean up the references in a really large document right now and it takes forever this way.


If you have turned off instant formatting for that particular document in the “format bibliography” window and the document still updates automatically, there are probably a couple of registry keys that need to be reset. (Make sure that the tab in Word says EndNote X6 and not EndNote X7.)

To edit the registry you will need to close EndNote and Word open the registry editor (regedit.exe). The way to open the registry editor varies according to your version of Windows.

In Windows 7 you can click on the Start orb. If you do not see a run command you can type regedit into the search window.

In Windows 8 you can go to the start page and start typing regedit.

In Windows 8.1 right click on the blue start button and choose run from the pop-up window. Type regedit into the run window.

Once the registry editor is open go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ISI ResearchSoft\EndNote. Expand the EndNote folder.

Right click on the Addin folder and click on delete.

RIght click on the Cite While You Write folder and click on delete.

After that you can close the registry editor, open EndNote, open your document in Word and check to see if you can turn off the instant formatting.

Thanks for the reply, Henry!

I instantly tried out your suggestion, but unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem.

I should add that Endnote X6 is not on the same computer as my previous Endnote X7 version. The computer with X6 is a completely fresh setup at my new workplace. The potential for conflicts between different installations of Endnote is probably very low if that’s what your reply is aiming for.

Appreciate the help.