Instant formatting in word

When I open Word, in the Endnote ribbon instant formatting is always turned OFF. How do I change the default to ON.

In my cwyw prefernces enable instant formatting of new documents is ticked.

In prefernces you remove auto format is going to be. To default format you want.

Which preferences are you taliing about? CWYW or Endnote. I can’t find where you are referrring

Once it exists, there is no place to turn it “on” for existing documents.  You have to do it one by one.  

Instant Formatting can be turned on or off for \ *NEW*  documents within EndNote’s CWYW preference in Word.

Instant Formatting can be turned on or off on a *per document* basis in the EndNote ribbon in Word. There is a drop-down that indicates whether Instant Formatting is on or off. On Macintosh, the “Bibliography” drop-down on the EndNote toolbar will turn Instant Formatting on or off for the document.