Endnote X 6.0.1 crashes (Win 8, Word 2010)

Dear EndNote-Team,

I am writing my PhD thesis and I already have around 900 footnotes. In the last weeks, I am becoming really frantic because EndNote X6.0.1 keeps on crashing and crashes Word 2010 at the same time.

The error occurs whenever I try to copy or remove a reference in a footnote I have inserted before. The most annoying part is, that the error is reproducible, thus, making it almost impossible to work in a productive way. (see attachment).

Maybe some information about my machine:

Intel Core i3 3,1 GHz

300GB HDD / 128GB free space


Win 8 / Word 2010 / Endnote X6.0.1

I would be very thankful, if you could take care of this problem.

Thank you
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This is a user based forum and NOT the support team, although they will sometimes chime in, I would go to the www.endnote.com support tab and contact them directly.  .

In the meantime, I would turn off CWYW -  which is a fix, until you discuss this error and your workflow with support.  

Are there also a lot of big figures inserted, etc?  Are you also tracking changes.  

I can’t read German, so I really don’t know what that particular message says.  

Thank you, but turning off CWYW is not an option, becuase I really much depend on it.

The error says in English: "This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.  Choose ‘Switch To’ to activate the busy program and correct the problem.

Buttons:  Switch To, Retry, Cancel"

Tracking changes is turned off and was never turned on in this document, because it is not ready, yet. Big figures - I would say no - I have five “*.JPG” inside, which are maps and the Word document is around 2,5 MB for roughly 250 pages. I also use cross referencing, margin numbers and pre-configured styles.

Currently I am working at home at my home computer, which is an iMac running Windows 8 and Word 2013 (under Mac OS X 10.8.3 and Word 2011, Endnote X6 became awfully slow). So far the error did not occur, but it occurs from time to time. My hardware is almost high-end:

Intel Core i7 3,1 GHz



I guess the error is somehow connected to the size of the Endnote database, because it always refers to the “server”. However, maybe some users know other workarounds, i.e without deactivating CWYW.

Thank you for your hints - I mailed the support team and will wait for an answer now!

Happy Easter!

You’re on a Mac but you mention running X6.0.1. You should apply the X6.0.2 update that’s available here  and see if that addresses the issue. 

Tilla, the EndNote team

He said a Mac but  running Windows?

I’ve been having the same problem on a PC (not a MAC) using Word 2010. Track changes is off, inserted pictures aren’t very big, and the EN database is relatively small.  None of my coworkers have had this problem.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

“This action cannot be completed because the “Document Name-Microsoft Word” program is busy. Chose “Switch To” and correct the problem"

Buttons: ‘Switch To…’, ‘Retry’, and ‘Cancel’

                Switch To… and Retry do nothing

                Cancel gives this error message “Call was rejected by callee”.

                                Button: ‘OK’

Then the original error message appears all over again.

If you are getting the Server Busy and/or Switch To messages with EndNote and Word for Windows, please see the following article: