EndNote X7.1 Update is Live

The EndNote X7.1 update for desktop users is now live. Mac and Windows users now have the ability to sync Smart and Combined groups across desktops. Allowing you to spend less time recreating groups and more time on research. Watch this video to learn more about the new functionality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIzbdvRNz8Q

To match some of the functionality released with EndNote X7 for Mac, the X7.1 release now gives Windows users expanded PDF functionality and annotation tools, improvements to Find Full Text, and more.  Additionally, EndNote online has been updated to include more Capture resources including ERIC database, Wikipedia, WorldCat OCLC, and DSpace, just to name a few.

Learn more about the release or download the update installers


Mac updater not working.  Says it can’t find an updatable program.  Run multiple times.  Tried putting the installer in the Endnote x7 folder.  Nothing working.  Many others having the same problem.  See image of last dialog. Help!

MacBook Pro, Maverics latest software, lots of ram and disc space.



Is this update free?

I’m using Endnote X3 but I am no longer in academia - if I update my version of Endnote will it still work OK or will I get locked out due to not having access to a site liecence?

I still try and keep up with research and add references to my Endnote library but obviously I don’t want to lose access to my libraries.

Could you advise please?


upgrades from X3 to X7 are not free.  You would need to purchase X7.  

How much if X7 is purchase? There is no indicate price.

The Full and Upgrade prices can be found here: http://endnote.com/buy

For an upgrade you will need a current license number which begins with a 5 and is on your “about endnote” splash screen.  – write it down before you try to install the newer version.  (but it should be your copy)

The current serial number will not necessarily begin with a 5, but will appear in the About EndNote Splash screen as indicated by Leanne. You can get to the Splash Screen by clicking the Help menu and selecting About EndNote on Windows or the EndNote menu and selecting About EndNote on the Mac.

Amazing – mine always has!  – Maybe that is a PC specific numbering system?

Yes, that is Windows specific. On the Mac it would start with a 2. With EndNote X7, the user may see either regardless of platform.

Endnote 7.1 is crashing on me over and over.

I recently updated to 7.1 a few weeks ago on my work PC which is very restricted by admins.

I sync’d fine, 

I was doing PDF search without library log in - fine, found some PDFs.

Then I realized I didn’t have the open url info in after updating:

so I re-entered the library open url and authenticate info.

Got the log-in pop up, logged in, hit continue… then crash.

Now it crashes each time I open Endnote.

build 7705

Endnote has stopped working

windows is searching for a solution for the problem

(windows 7)


windows will close the program and notify you if a solution to the problem is found.

Was an update released since 7705?

What should I do, find the right tech guy to unlock the admin password so I can un-install and re-install?

Thank goodness for online sync!!

I deleted the library and the data folder.

Then when I opened the program again, it just said library not found.

Created a new library, then it auto-sync’d everything.

Is that what happens when the library becomes corrupted?