Updating the bibliography takes minutes

Hey there,

I recently updated my Word 2011 to Word 2016 on my MacBook. Of course I do have the new Endnote Version X7 (Update) as well.

The document I am working with is approximately 80pages long and has 130 references. 

Decribing the problem:

When I am inserting new citations it tooks more than 2 minutes to update the entire bibliography. I cannot work this way - it is so annoying. 

When I used Word2011 it tooks around a minute. My dads computer (Windows) was even faster (10 seconds)?

Is Endnote that bad with macs? Hopefully somebody can help me!

Thank you very very much for your help!!!1


Since you’ve upgraded both MS Word and Endnote you might try “reformatting” the citations. First make a backup copy of your document for safekeeping. Then convert the in-text citations to unformatted citations. This will cause the in-text citations to appear with the curly braces and record numbers as “temporary citations”. Next, convert the temporary citations back to formatted citations.