Endnote X7.7 and Word 2016 15.25 For Mac

Hey guys,

I’ve read somewhere that there is a compatibility problem with Word 15.25. And I’ve seen that, nothing is working, I can’t work with word and import references to Word from EndNote. How is the best way to solve this. I’ve read about a beta plug in but I can’t find it. Can someone help me please?



there certainly is ; do not upgrade. I whish I had not upgraded, I have one month before my thesis is due and nothing but pronlems with this software, I cannot inser citations without getting COM errors. You would have thougt that EndNote would have done a through Beta testing before release, given the importance of the work which people use it for.



Endnote 7.7 and Word 15.25 are not working for me.  Is this going to be fixed?  There is not much being said about it and it is a real problem.  I get an error message stating the Word2016.bundle cannot be loaded.

EndNote X7.7 is compatible with Word 2016 version 15.25. It is possible the tools did not properly update on your system. Please see the “Additional troubleshooting information” section from this article: http://endnote.com/kb/138936. If the issue persists, please contact our Technical Support Team: http://endnote.com/support

Thanks so much for your help, somehow I did not find these instructions. This has worked for me and now the toolbar shows Endnote 7.7!