Endnote X7.7 crashes when using E-mail reference

When right clicking a reference and using E-mail reference in Endnote X7.7 (also tried 7.5) Endnote crashes instantly. 
We have MS Office 2010 32bit. 

A selection of what I’ve tested so far:

I have checked that MS Outlook 2010 is default email client.

There’s no disabled items in Outlok or Word in Add-ins.
Tried to repair Endnote and later on remove/re-install Endnote.

Tried to repair Office. 

Used ccleaner to fix registry issues.

Tried creating a new ref.library and putting it on the desktop.

Tried a number of other things as well but no luck

I can not tell whether it’s Endnote or Office that is the root cause here. I suspect a corrupt registry key.

Any help would be deeply appreciated :cry:


Suggest you bypass the forum and contact tech support:

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+1-800-336-4474, press 4

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Thanks I’ve submitted a support request.
In the meantime if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share your thoughts :wink: