Mac Word 2011 / EndNote 7 incompatibility

It seems that this is a common occurance with the two programs.  I have a user that received a new MacBook Pro with Yosemite (10.10) and this issue seemed to have just started.  The Endnote Toolbar is missing as well as the Cannot Fire Event.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programs (removed the whole office suite).  I did not get the error but the toolbar was missing.

I went into Endnote and found that the Word Add in option was not checked.   I checked it and Word started to have the same issues.

Any other suggestions?


Typically, the mentioned “Word could not fire event” error indicates an underlying issue with Microsoft Office’s Visual Basic Editor.  To verify this:

1.  Quit all Office applications.

2.  Use Finder to navigate to the following path:

Macintosh HD : Applications : Microsoft Office 2011 : Office : Startup : Word

3.  Clear the mentioned Word folder by moving any add-in files to your Desktop.

4.  Open a new Microsoft Word document.

5.  In Word, click “Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor”.

At this point, there’s no link between EndNote and Microsoft Word.  If clicking "Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor still results in the appearance of an error message, that’d be confirmation that Microsoft Office is still suffering from an underlying issue.  If you’ve tried to remove and reinstall Microsoft Office 2011, you may want to try clearing Office preference files that could be lingering after your reinstallation attempt.  You might want to take a look in the following location:

Macintosh HD : Users : [Your user name] : Library : Preferences

You’ll find a number of Office preference files within the Preferences folder, including several / files.  You may want to try trashing these office plist files to see if that helps clear up your problematic Visual Basic behavior.

I guess my last post didn’t post for some reason.  I was able to fix it with the Live Chat help. :slight_smile:

Jimmy M. you ROCK. just sayin’. Such a simple solution to a simple annoyance. 

I have a problem with EndNote 7 in Word for Mac 2011 since the last update on EndNote 7.

When I insert a reference using the EndNote Toolbar something like this is inserted in the text {(Bita), 1985 #67}, that is nor considered a reference since if I try to open the Edit & Manage citations it shows a window saying ’ This document does not contain any editable citations."

That is a temporary citation, you need to manually “update citations and bibliography” with the appropriate output style selected in the ribbon, or turn autoformating “on”.  

You can also enable Instant Formatting as outlined here:

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And you can change your default cwyw settings from word’s endnote toolbar/ribbon to create new documents with cwyw on (or off).  



I also have WORD 2011 and ENDNOTE 7.7 - when entering a reference into a document WORD is quiting.

Can you help me to solve the problem? 

You will need to determine if the issue is Document specific or not.

I would try the same steps in a new blank document.

If the issue only happend with your document then try the following steps:

If the issue happens in the new blank document then try the following steps: