delete title from paratheses in cite while you write, & change { } to ( )


For some reason, the cite while you write format has changed from this:

(Bazerman, 1994)

to this:

{Bazerman, 1994, Systems of genres and the enactment of social intentions}

That is, it is inserting the title in the intext citation as well as using strange parentheses… I am sure I have something checked that I souldn’t have but can’t find it. Can anyone help? I want APA 6th…


What you are seeing is the temporary citation that will appear with EndNote online. You can click the Update Citations and Bibliography command to convert from the temporary citation to the formatted citations. On a Windows system, you can just click that command from the ribbon in Word. On the Mac, click Tools > EndNote > Update Citations and Bibliography.

HI, thanks for the reply. when I do this (from the ribbon in word - it searchers for unformatted citations and then gives me a windeow (insert matching reference) and the optipn to insert for each one, but nothing happens when I do this. …Do you know what I am doing wrong?

It is hard to know without talking thru -step by step, which we users obviously can’t do.  Perhaps you need to call Tech support?    

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It sounds like you are seeing the Select Matching Reference dialog. Please see this article for details:

If you need assistance with this, you can certainly contact Technical Support as Leanne suggested.