Endnote X7 creates 20000+ duplicates of a single record

My X7 has a bad habit of duplicating a record or records thousands of times.  I can send the duplicates to trash, but then they come back.  See picture attached.  This is so annoying - any clue on why this is happening?

I’m using CWYW with Windows 10 and Word 2016.  I sync the file between two machines (desktop and Surface).  

I’m about to go back to Zotero… please help!

Call tech support!  – Any problems with syncing (and this is a problem with syncing!)  don’t ask here, go to Endnote’s Tech support.  www.endnote.com/support (and phone don’t use the form).  

I had a similar problem recently. I ended up turning off sync, making a copy of my library, then moving it. Then I copied over the library file (and .data folder) that I was syncing on my other computer. I put that library in the same location, opened that in Endnote and turned sync back on.

The other option is to move the library that keeps getting the duplicate entries, making a new empty library and turning on sync for that. That should sync down all of your references and should fix the sync issues. The problem with that is that you will lose any group sets - the groups will still be there but you might need to create the group sets again.