How do I prevent bibliography from appearing automatically?

Hi. I’ve noticed that while I type, EndNote automatically inserts a bibliography at the end of my document. Is there a way for me to stop the bibliography from appearing automatically? Or at least prevent it from being included in the word count? The paper I am doing is very strict on word count so I must check it very often, but I find it very tedious to keep subtracting it from the number of words in the bibliography.

I am using Word 2007 with EndNote X3.


On the document you are working on, you want to disable CYWY.  This is accomplished by running the format paper tool and on the third tab, “disabling” CYWY. Then you may have to delete the reference list, because unformatting doesn’t always remove it. You can re-engage it the same way later.  To turn it off for any new documents you create, you turn off CWYW from the endnote CWYW preferences in Endnote itself. 

Brilliant! That did the trick. Thanks so much. However, now it doesn’t format my footnotes automatically, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Thanks again!

The dreaded CWYW has mysteriously started itself in a document, and I can’t make it go away.  I tried Leann’s suggestion of removing the references, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.




Leanne’s suggestion is based on disabling CWYW.  Have you disabled CWYW?  Otherwise if you’re just deleting the references from the MS Word document without disabling CWYW then the bibliography will continue to “reappear”.

If you have disabled CWYW could you describe the steps?

I certainly have tried to disable CWYW!  I used the Preferences box on the Endnote ribbon, and unchecked the “enable Instant Formatting in new Word Documents.”  Unfortunately, this is not a new document, and I don’t see any way to disable CWYW in the current document.   The real mystery is why it turned itself on.  I’ve always found CWYW too buggy to use and keep it turned off. 



I just re-read Leanne’s original response, and tried to find the disable command under “format paper”.  When I select that option, I get a box to OPEN a document, with ONLY the .rft option.   Since this is a Word document, I can’t select it.



What version of EndNote are you using?  Also, you’re referencing the MS Word “ribbon” so are you using 2007 or 2010?

My Endnotes is X1, and my Word is Office Professional Plus 2010. 

Here’s another weirdness: The bibliography is NOT generating at the end of the document.  Instead, it’s floating consistently on the first page…even if I try to move it.

The “convert to unformatted citations” command worked to get rid of the bib AND it has now stopped doing CWYW as well.  Maybe that was just the missing step in fixing this document.  At least if it ever enables itself again, I can get rid of the effect!! :smiley:

EndNote X1 has (in)compatibility issues with Word 2010 - see compatibility chart.  You should upgrade your X1.  

There’s a free 30-day demo version of X5 if you want to see how it works.  You can download the trial but be sure to: 1) backup all of EndNote libraries, folders, and any modified styles and reference templates; and 2) uninstall X1 before installing X5.

Lets start over.  Do have CWYW on and no bibliography is easy.  For latest version of Endnote (X5 I think), open your endnote output style (edit, edit “style”, and tick the box that says omit bibliography.  Otherwise you may just need to clear all the bibliography templates and save it as a new style.  Use that style for the manuscript in question (which needs to be done in word - changing it in the endnote program won’t change it for the already created manuscript) and turn back on CWYW.