How to Stop endnote from auto updating the bibliography in word

I am working with approximately 200-300 references in a word file of ~200 pages. Each time I insert a new citation endnote updates the bibliography… this is frustrating as it takes approximately 10-15 secs to insert each citation. Is there way to turn off this automatic updating of the bibliography? I would like to add maybe 10 citations and then refresh and update the bibliography then… any suggestions?

The power of the computer is not an issue (10gb RAM), multi core processor.

Two things to try. 

One to try is turning off the hyperlinking, and this may make the updating much shorter (this is a tickbox at the bottom of  the format bibliography dialog). 

Second option to turn CWYW off and decide when you want to format with the format bibliography tool.  This is again thru the format bibliography dialog, 3rd tab, disable CWYW. Just remember to update the bibliography when you are finished!

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Hi, Thanks alot for your second option. it’s very very good.

Hey, Leanne,

could you please update  your answer for newer versions of Ednote (with shortcuts)? Or maybe I am not finding something simple again, like “bibliography dialog”

see the attached image to get the bibliography dialog from the Endntoe ribbon and option to turn off hyperlinking.  also highlighted is where you turn on and off auto-updating of the endnote fields (instant formatting). 

NOW attached  

Sorry, but I don’t see any image attached ))


And what about CWYW? Does this option workable for current vresion?

CWYW IS auto-formatting?  In attached I only highlighted that option.  Clicking on that will toggle CWYW on and off. Mine is off in the image. You can always use the adjacent “update citations and Bibliography” when you want things updated.  

Great! Thank you.