EndNote X7 is not advertised on the website's main page

I find it rather odd to see no mention of the latest version of EndNote being X7 when visiting the website’s main page. It is only by clicking on Downloads | 30 Day Trial that I could see that there was a new version and that it was X7.

I had a look at the online documentation to find what was new. Unfortunately, it does not give any idea of improvements to features that users have reported as being difficult to use, buggy, non-intuitive, etc. Would the publishers provide us with such a detailed list of fixes? Are there solutions to the annoyances and problems that often make using the program a chore? Surely, providing details about fixes is the best way to make long-time users satisfied and ready to keep going with a piece of software.

In closing, I should add that it would be nice if the video linked to on the main page offered some substance rather than just forcing people to stare during 1:41 minutes at animation of little use.

I should add that I just opened YouTube and found listed on my start page an informative video presenting the new PDF features (6:17 minutes; <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPcSxuwNfh0>). This is obviously much better than the electronic “blurb”. There is an even longer video (29:43; “What’s New in EndNote X7”, <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q05veGdcl40>).