Endnote X7 Mac: Sync with web hangs app

Dear EndNote gurus,

I am using EndNote X7 (version on Mac OS X  Yosemite (10.10.5) on a MacBook Pro (Late 2013, 16Gb RAM).

I have a library that is synchronized with my EndNote web account with about 4275 references. Nearly all references have a PDF attachment. The total size of the library is about 10Gb. Over a period of several days I was able to successfully update my references and sync them with the web.

Since yesterday however the sync process is causing my EndNote application to hang. The sync process gets to the stage of “Retriving references” and then after several minutes I just get the spinning color wheel and the application is unresponsive. After more than an hour of waiting the blue progress bar has not moved at all - it is all completely unfilled. I cannot tell if the application is actually still doing anything, nor can I continue to use EndNote.

Even though it is unresponsive, the EndNote process is continuing to use nearly 100% of my CPU - my computer fan is running continuously which is unusal on my Mac. 

I would be very grateful for any advice on how I might be able to get my EndNote working synchronized with my web account and working again.

Many thanks,



Amazingly, just after posting my previous message, my sync completed successfully. This was after the application crashing several times waiting for it to sync, and, with the unresponsive behavior (spinning color wheel), I had no way of knowing that it was actually working on the sync.

It seems to me that there are three issues that could improve the sync process:

  1. The EndNote should tell the user what it is doing with more detail while the sync is running. If it’s just an issue of a slow internet connection making the sync take time, the program should tell me that so I don’t think it is just a hung process and then kill the app.

  2. The app should not use 100% of my CPU while it is running a sync

  3. Synchronizing should run faster when I am on a broadband internet connect (e.g., at the office). It seems like the EndNote servers are very slow somehow.

Thanks again for any feedback you may give me!


I am back having this problem again.

It is still impossible to get a sync after several hours of waiting and the EndNote application utilizing 100% of my CPU - though I cannot see if it is doing anything.

Please help us get the sync to work reliably!

you need to talk to tech support.