Endnote 7 (Macintosh) hangs up during synch at 'Sending updates' phase

I’ve used Endnote 7 (Macintosh) for months without a problem. Tonight however when opening the program, it started the synch process and stalled at the ‘Sending updates…’ notification. The Force Quit box indicated that Endnote X7 was not responding. Now I’m unable to access the library unless I go to the online (MyEndnote) website. The local Endnote program is installed in DropBox, and has been working fine until this evening. I’m not aware of having made any changes to settings.

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Endnote 7 (Macintosh) hangs up during synch at ‘Sending updates’ phase.  It gets to the end of it, the bar showing progress seems complete, but then the programme just stops and has to be force quit. 

Has anyone any ideas please, because it is very frustrating. It used to work perfectly!