EndNote X7 not carrying Author to bibliography

Here is my citation

Heimbruch H. (2013, 14 June). Companies await OK for seismic exploration permits, Arctic Sounder.

This is what is in my bibliography (Word 2010)

Author. 2013. Companies await OK for seismic exploration permits. Arctic Sounder 14 June.

It has dropped the Authors name and mangled the date.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated

Hello Neville,

What output style are you using in the document?

The output style is what controls the format of the references in the bibliography.

What time of references is having this issue? Is it a Book or Journal Article?

I will need this additional information in order to be able to help troubleshoot the issue.

One thing to try would be to switch output styles in the document and or insert the same reference into a new document to determine if the issue is style or document specific.

Thank you for your prompt reply

Your information helped me on to the right track

Here is where the problem was …something in Word 2010 changed the out put  style to AAG Style Guide.  When reset to APA 6th ED everything is great…

Thanks again


Glad to hear the issue is resolved. Please contact us again if something else comes up.