Endnote X9 + Word 365 ProPlus + Windows 10 Home = Word crashes and all references are removed


I have a new iteration of the CWYW + MS Word issue.

I’m using Endnote X9 (Bld 12062), Word Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 10 Home, 10.0.17134 Build 17134.

When I want to insert references, Word crashes, clean (remove) all existing references and restart.

  1. First, I got pup stating (attached image):
  • World is running into problems with the “endnote cite while you write” add-in. If this keeps happening, disable this add-in and check for available updates. Do you want to disable it now?
  1. Then it started crashing word, while completing the job of updating references.
  2. Now it crashes MS Word, remove all references from the document and restart. MS word during that process automatically deactivate CWYW.  The second image illustrates Add-ins I have, and how EndNote add-in gets deactivated after a crash. 

Those issues happen with any document (new, old, small, big) and with any EndNote database. 

I haven’t install anything. I’m finalising my PhD thesis. Therefore the only change in last year or two is that Endnote database has grow up to 2000+ items.

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PS. The old iterations of this issue are avaliable here: 




I believe I found the cause.

I imported  the Word_count_style.ens  style that is available at ibhelp.ncl.ac.uk/faq/43315

That style hides all references from bibliography - so it is easier to count word number. However, it looks like that style also permanently corrupts word documents. After I use that style once in a document – the document always crashes when I used CWYW. 

Deactivating the style + copying text in a new document and reentering quotations addresses the issue. 

While I was troubleshooting, I didn’t notice that Word_count_style was my default style. That is why even brand new documents  would crash after I insert the first reference. After I corrected that error, Endnote in new documents works perfectly. :slight_smile: