Endnote20 issue with mac word 16.49

Dear Comunity,

I am facing a problem regarding the citation and bibliography using ednote20 with Mac word 16.49. Recently, when I tried to cite a reference and click on the update included in the bibliography, the citation processed is crashed as per the attachment. There are no citations in the text and no bibliography. My word is opened as Rosetta already. I am using Mac with M1 chip and software OS Big Sur 11.3.1

Can you please suggest a solution?



The screenshot shows the citations as code and in Word you can toggle that to hide the codes.

To change the behavior try:

Option+F9 on Mac on your keyboard to toggle field codes. If you are still seeing the codes, proceed with the steps below:

  1. In Word, go to the “Word” menu, and select “Preferences”.

  2. Here, on the “View” menu, uncheck the box named “Field Codes”.

  3. Click “OK”.

  4. The document should now appear normal.

This setting is a universal setting for Word, so making this change should fix any documents that are currently displaying the field codes.

You can also find these steps on our website:


Many thanks Tony,

The second solution worked perfectly. 

Thanks again