Endnote9 CWYW in Word 2008

I have Endnote 9 on my computer and just have installed Office 2008. The problem is now that I don’t have the CWYW in the new Word 2008…

Is it possible to have it (Endnote9 CWYW in Word2008) or do I really need to update to Endnote X2…?

Thanks for your answer


If you want CWYW functionality.  http://www.endnote.com/support/en_wpchart_mac.asp

“Note that Word X support was added in EndNote 6, and Word 2004 support was added in EndNote 8. The first version with Word 2008 support is EndNote X1.”

It is my understanding that Microsoft uses a completely different mechanism for add-ins such as Endnote. 

Ok, thanks, it is the page I was looking for…

I will then think about installing EndnoteX2…