X2 CWYW & non-English Word 2008 (mac)

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased(*)  X2, but I can’t get X2 to recognize Word 2008; I’ve tried all three suggestions provided by the Help function, to no avail (Leopard 10.5.4, Intel cpu), even the Customize function doesn’t ‘want’ to see or recognize Word 2008.

I suspect that this might somehow have to do with my version of Word 2008 not being in English (it’s in Dutch). 

Does anyone have a suggestion, or are there any other users of non-English Word 2008 versions who *were* succesful in CWYW getting to work ?


(*, yes, I know, I should have tried the demo first, but the specifications just said ‘Word 2008’, and that’s what I have…) 

Do you have the Word 2008 SP1 installed? http://www.microsoft.com/mac/default.mspx.  This is required for EndNote X1 or X2 CWYW to work with Word 2008 for the Macintosh.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development

Yes, I have, thanks, Jason. (Word 2008 version 12.1.2, to be precise)

Anyone with the same problem as me ? I still haven’t been able to get the EN X2 menu into Word 2008 (12.1.2), despite trying the three suggestions in the Help menu… Any other suggestions ?

Edit: well, it might be my configuration. See, I’ve still Word 2004 on my mac, because I’ve needed it to format bibliographies with Endnote X… To my surprise, W2004 now works flawlessly with X2 (it even didn’t want to work with version X anymore). Now that I have W2008 and X2, should I (try to) uninstall Office 2004 in order to get X2 into W2008? I’d hate to lose the ability to format bibliographies…

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OK, this didn’t solve my problem; I’ve installed EN X2 on my iMac, that’s only running Word 2008. I can’t get CWYW to work. In fact, when W2008 is running, ENX2 sees it when I try to run the Customizer thing (says I have to quit it first), but after I quit, I can’t get passed the path thing in Customizer, no matter who frequently I try to point the program to my copy of W2008 (I can click ‘done’, but then nothing happens, nothing gets installed).

Who can help me out here? 

I just posted thread http://forums.thomsonscientific.com/ts/board/message?board.id=en-general&thread.id=522 shortly before finding a temporary solution for this problem in the German version. 

Copy the Endnote CWYW Word 2008.bundle file into /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/Add-Ins 

In Word select Add-Ins from the Tools menu. The CWYW should show up on the list. Check the box next to it and click OK. This should give you CWYW functionality, however, you will have to continue activating CWYW manually on every startup of Word 2008. 

Just achieved full functionality:

You can move the … 2008.bundle file from …/Add-Ins into its designated startup folder /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/Start/Word/

You then need to set the location of the startup folder manually in Word 2008 (File → Preferences → Locations). Once you confirm the settings, CWYW should work just fine.

Good luck


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Yes, thanks a million, that worked for me as well ! It’s that simple, who would have thought after days of desperately searching for help…

Someone should put this in the FAQ (Jason?), as I suspect this affects all non-English versions …

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Hi All,

Just do all the instructions, my CWYW is now just fine on Word 2008 toolbar but it wont works, as I believe the EndNote X2 dosn’t connect to my Word 2008.  Every time I open the word 08,  I got this message: "Word could not load this add-in program. (EndNote 10 CWYW Word X).  What could be the cause?  Need your help please!!! Any idea???

In order to see the EndNote X2 or X1 sub-menu in Tools for the French version of Office Word 2008.

We had to make an alias of the file “Démarre” located in the Microsoft Office 2008/Office/ and rename it “Startup” and leave it at the same level.

EndNote install the the file “Endnote CWYW Word 2008.bundle” in the proper folder for the french version which is Microsoft Office 2008/Office/Démarre/Word.  But it seems that Word won’t see the file unless the path is Microsoft Office 2008/Office/Startup/Word. No modification to the Word preferences where needed and the Customizer command from EndNote will change the file “Endnote CWYW Word 2008.bundle” as stipulated in the installation instructions for the updates.

This is a very good catch and a known issue in Word that we have reported to Microsoft. Based on our research, Word 2008 does not seem able to find plug-ins in folders named anything other than “Startup” [in English]. Even if the default for French and other languages is clearly in the local language.

This seems to affect all other localized versions of MS Word 2008 that we have tested; the steps suggested here should work for other languages as well.

We do not know whether Microsoft has any plans to fix this.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team