Endnotes X4 removing field notes converts the ref list from digits into roman numbers.

i format to ‘numbers’ and when i click ’ remove field codes’ the new word doc has the ref list converted to Roman numbers. what shall i do??

I can only think that the document has some underlying “list” style that is being automatically applied. This can happen if there is no “normal” paragraph symbol following the title in the manuscript when you start adding your refs.   Are the “chapter headings” auto numbered with roman numbers? Make sure the paragraph style type for the bibliography paragraphs have not accidentially been generated as the chapter style type (or some other style that has that feature).  I suggest you do that on the endnoted version and then try unlinking again. 

dear Leanne,

thanks very much for your reply. i tried going through your suggestions but am still confused. first, am working with a Mac OSX 10.6.8. 

i looked at style in the Word doc, however, it says ‘normal’. the Endnote biblio formatting window shows 'start with number ‘1’ '. there are no chapt heading - as far as i know (this academic paper has no chapters - other than that, i don’t know what is a 'chapter heading - i typed this in ‘help’ but only got ‘style’ which is ‘normal’).

i tried to go to the styles window and show colour codes of style, but more confuse for it. tried also using ‘document map’ but the style is always on ‘normal’. perhaps i am not knowledgeable about managing styles - i don’t know where to go from here.