EndNoteX.0.2 & Word2004(11.4.2) Mac -"Compile error in hidden module:ThisDocument"

When trying to do the cite while you write thing it doesn’t seem to be able to communicate between word and endnote. The error from word reads: “Compile error in hidden module: ThisDocument”, and from endnote is “This command is not available because a document window is not active”.

So I searched the forum for my issue and found it under: Forums : EndNote : General : EndNote X.0.2 and Word 2004 (11.4.2) Mac - “Compile error in hidden module: ThisDocument”, it was posted on 16/6/08, http://forums.thomsonscientific.com/ts/board/message?board.id=en-general&message.id=119&query.id=1421#M119.

I have tried following the solutions there, but parlty didnt understand what they were saying so it probably didn’t help. I found the supposedly “offending file” - “~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office Registration Cache 11” but if I delete this file I still find it does not work, I don’t understand about scripts and I don’t know how to lock this file as he was instructed to do…  Also it mentioned towards the bottom that  if endnote and your library were already open, THEN you open word there is no issue, but when I do this it still doesnt work. Any help appreciated :slight_smile: