EndNoteX7: problem with repeated authors in biblio


I’m using Endnote X7 and for a paper I’m working on, I want repeated authors in the biblo to be represented by a dash.

For instance I want something like this:

• Simonson, Itamar (1989), “Choice Based on Reasons: The Case of Attraction and Compromise Effects,” Journal of Consumer Research, 16 (September), 158–74.
• ———, Allen M. Weiss, and Shantanu Dutta (1999), “Marketing in Technology-Intensive Markets: Toward a Conceptual Framework,” Journal of Marketing, 63 (Special Issue), 78–91.

It works fine when the repeated author is the only author of the two papers, but if like above, one of the papers has more than one author, then it doesn’t replace the repeated author with a dash.

I’d highly appreciate any help!